Next class March 25!

At our next class for kids and families, we’re making waffles, bacon and berry compote. We hope you’ll join us. Register here!

We have so much fun teaching cooking, especially to kids. They’re so hungry for learning (and for food)!!!


March 25, 11:30am-12:30pm at 1400 Food Lab, located on Dublin Road just south of 5th Avenue. Turn onto Cardigan Avenue to reach the parking lot, and it’s part of the Connect Realty building, brown with a glass door near the picnic tables.


Email us anytime at


2 thoughts on “Next class March 25!”

  1. What are your classes for 2019? I have a 6 year old great grandson who would like to take a class with his grandmother. I would like to give it to him for Christmas

    1. We’ll add you to our email list so you’ll get the announcement as soon as we have it. Thank you!!

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