Happy New Year 2019!

We have an Asian Series running  in February, and on Saturday January 26,  a Scones class followed by an Advanced (age 12 and up) class. Details and links to ticketing below!

Students ages 7 and younger must have an adult remain in the kitchen at all times. All parents are welcome to stay, watch, participate and eat! Please contact us directly at uakidscook@gmail.com with any food allergy or safety issues.

In this class series, adventuresome young chefs will explore three Asian cuisines – Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese – making a classic dish from each. Contact 1400 Food Lab regarding a discount for signing up for all three Asian cooking classes in advance.

February 9 – Tom Kah Gai

Next to the popular noodle dish, Pad Thai, the rich and fragrant soup known as Tom Kha Gai (chicken-coconut soup) is one of Thailand’s best-loved dishes. Thai cooking relies on five essential flavors – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and spicy (and sometimes creamy). You’ll incorporate each of these with an array of familiar and exotic ingredients. At the end of class, share a bowl with your classmates and take a quart home to enjoy with your family – it’s even better the next day!

February 16–Lettuce Wraps & Spring Rolls

We journey to China for inspiration for these popular appetizers. Fill crisp lettuce leaves with sweet-and-spicy minced chicken and crunchy water chestnuts, seasoned with garlic and ginger. Spring rolls feature fresh vegetables, herbs, shrimp, and rice noodles rolled up in rice paper and are a fresh and vibrant alternative to traditional deep-fried egg rolls. A flavorful soy-ginger dipping sauce is served with both.

February 23–Pho

Pho is the national dish of Vietnam. Like many Vietnamese dishes, Pho has strong French influences. Flavored with warm spices like star anise and cinnamon, the smokiness of charred onion, and brightened by lime, Pho is a rich bone broth – traditionally beef – served with slurpy soft rice noodles and tender meat, piled high with fresh herbs like cilantro, mint and basil.


January 26–Scones

Similar to a biscuit, not quite a cookie, scones can be sweet or savory – and oh so buttery, flaky and delicious! With origins in the United Kingdom, and likely a bit of Dutch influence, scones are most often served with a hot beverage – tea, coffee, cocoa. Queen Elizabeth likes scones with jam and clotted cream with afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace.

In this class, there will be plenty of ingredients to choose from so you can make both sweet and savory scones – or come up with your own original creation! Students will also take home freshly baked scones to enjoy with their family.

January 26–Advanced Class (12+) Let’s make Dinner!

Roast Pork Tenderloin with Chimichurri and Brussels Sprout Salad

In this class, we’re looking for kids who are comfortable in the kitchen, love cooking, and always want to learn more about food. This menu will challenge and improve knife skills, seasoning and blending techniques, and plating and presentation. Learn the difference between baking and roasting, proper cooking temperatures for meat, the components of South America’s most famous condiment, and a how to make a perfectly balanced vinaigrette. At the end of class, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor by sharing the meal with your classmates.