Meet Carrie and Olivia

Carrie Klug is the creative genius. She can turn a cake into a masterpiece and has fourteen ideas at once when you ask her what she can do with a few ingredients. She learned to cook as a child from her Grandmother, baking homemade bread, learning secret family recipes, and forming her identity in a family that cooked together. Carrie’s experience working in restaurants has given her a wide range of knowledge about many cuisines. Name your top 5 favorite fine dining restaurants in Columbus–chances are Carrie has worked at at least a few of them! Since 2007 Carrie has operated her own catering service and provided baked goods to order for the community. Carrie’s daughter is in 3rd grade and loves to bake with her mom. Carrie’s hope is to share her love and knowledge of cooking with children who will use it their whole lives.

Olivia Hickey is the organizer and child development specialist. She learned to cook while living in Italy, and has spent most of her career teaching Psychology to nursing students. She loves teaching, kids and cooking. Her goal is to design developmentally appropriate and challenging courses that blend fun and learning about cooking skills, health, science, math, art, language and culture. Olivia likes gardening and growing food, in the early summer she can be seen standing in her front yard waiting for the cherries to ripen. Olivia’s sons are in Kindergarten and 3rd grade, and are hoping for cooking classes on Pizza and Clam Bakes.

Olivia and Carrie test recipes and teaching strategies with their own children–sometimes the children take over and make pancakes.