Cooking Classes and Events with Carrie

Carrie Klug offers cooking classes and experiences for kids and adults. In addition to public classes, corporate, group and sports team building events, birthday parties and other private events are available. Students from all over Columbus are welcome, and classes are particularly convenient to Hilliard, Upper Arlington, Marble Cliff, Grandview, OSU Campus area, and Clintonville. Public classes are offered at 1400 Food Lab. It’s a great place to do private events also, but events can be set up at your own home or location if needed.

Carrie has loved cooking since childhood and has years of experience in restaurants as well as running her own baking and catering service. She started Food For Thought Kitchen with a friend in 2018, and in 2020 is taking her cooking business solo in 2020. Cooking with Carrie is like having a party with your most fun friend who also knows everything you don’t about cooking, food presentation and hospitality. She makes every event special and works hard behind the scenes so your experience is amazing.

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